Cottages / Cabins / Bungalows

At Solliden there are 17 cottages/cabins/bungalows divided into 4 different villages situated around the campsite.
Here is a map of the campsite.
The campsite is open from spring to fall depending on the temperature (approximately May-September).

Our six small Tranquility cottages for up to 3 people are our most basic option, as well as the most popular one. These cottages include a bunk bed and a single bed and electricity and a fridge.
Perfect for a holiday in a “less is more” style.

In the middle of the apple garden behind the café, you will find four small and cozy cottages with room for 4 people. The cottages include a kitchenette with a stove and fridge, a bunk bed and a bed sofa for two.

There are four Sun Valley cottages, functional and traditional cottages with sleeping places for 4 people. This cottage has its own small toilet with a shower and a fully functional kitchenette with stove and fridge.

Forest Fringe is perfect for a longer stay or for larger families.
A cottage for 6+2 persons in two stories with a nice view over the whole campsite and the sea can also be seen behind the trees.

Rates and Booking Terms

Check in at 15-20, check out before 12.

A passenger card is to be filled in at arrival with names and personal data of all guests.
All accommodation services are required to collect passenger card information from all accommodation passengers. Accommodation service provider is designated information holder of this information in order to comply with Finnish law. If possible, fill in passenger card in advance, print it out and hand it to us when you check in.

We require that the person who makes the cottage reservation is 18 years old.

Prices 2023

Prices depending on the exact dates, booking situation and how the booking is made

Cottages, €/night   June-July-August May/September  
Tranquility, 3 person cottage, nr 10-15   69-89 59-69  
Apple Garden, 4 person cottage, nr 1-4   89-99 69-89  
Sun Valley, 4 person cottage, nr 6-9   119-139 99-119  
Forest Fringe, 6+2 person cottage, nr 16-18   189-229 159-199  

10-25 % discount on reservations that last 1 week or longer.


Midsummer 2023

On midsummer weekend we only make reservations for the whole weekend (Thu-Su or Fri-Su), not reservations for only one night.
Please observe that guests during midsummer guests under 35 years can stay in the same cottage only with their children. No groups.
* Tranquility cottage: thu-sun 320€, fri-sun 250€
* Apple Garden cottage: thu-sun 390€, fri-sun 320€
* Sun Valley cottage: thu-sun 550€, fri-sun 460€
* Forest Fringe cottage: thu-sun 750€, fri-sun 570€

– booking of one cottage for 1-2 night: cancellation 48 hours before arrival
– booking of more than one cottage or one cottage booked for more than 3 nights, cancellation a week before.
If not you will be charged for one day’s stay.

Check in at 15.00-21.00, if later please inform us about it.
Check out before 12.00.
Silence on campsite at 21- 07, during this time all unnecessary traffic should be avoided.

The cottages are smoke free. Please do not throw tobacco stubbings in the nature.

The cottage price excludes bed linen and towels, but we require use of set of beddings, or alternatively sleeping bag with pillow case. You can also hire from us (restricted availability):
– Full set of bedding + bath towel: 15€/person
– Set of bedding (Sheets and pillow case): 12€/person
We wash all bed linen/towels on the premises, they are dried outdoors in fresh air.

You are personally responsible for taking care of and cleaning the cottage with its surroundings. The cottage must be left in good condition:
* furniture and supplies in their original and undamaged condition,
* the dishes are done
* tables and surfaces are clean
* floor is swept (vacuum cleaner can be borrowed from the reception) 
* empty bottles and waste sorted and taken to a sorting facility.
You also need to empty the fridge, take leftover food with you, or to the waste bins.
If you have used our linens, leave them in a stack on the bed, also place blanket and pillow in a stack.

We expect our guests to sort their waste. There are recycle stations on the campsite (metal, plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, biodegradable…).
Recycling is an important factor in conserving natural resources and greatly contributes towards improving the environment.

It is not allowed to make open fire at the cottage or on the campsite! Please use the barbecue places on the camping, or your own barbecue.
Remember, do not use them if it is dry in the nature, or if it is total ban of bonfire.
What is total bonfire ban? If the hazard for a forest fire is high, the local fire department may locally put a total ban on open fires outdoor. In practice, such a total ban means that you are absolutely forbidden to grill or ignite the fire in woods, other outskirts or on the beach. Please note that this is also applicable to smoking of tobacco and stubs!

The number of persons allowed in the cottage is the same as the number of beds. When booking a cottage, please inform us about the amount of persons coming to stay.


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