Sustainable travel and work

We, at Solliden Camping, want to contribute to a sustainable society where our staff, guests, collaborators and the locals feel good. We strive to do our work with respect to the environment and our ambition is thinking and working sustainable in everything we do, and therefore reduce our environmental footprint. The summer season in 2018 Solliden Camping was granted a Green Key-certificate for our environmental friendly business.

Here are a few examples of our sustainable work:

  • We reduce our power consumption by using low energy lamps and LED-lamps
  • We control the consumption of water and electricity continuously, and evaluate the actions we take to make improvements when needed.
  • We use environmental friendly detergents to reduce the environmental load.
  • We prioritize environmentally friendly products upon purchase, and in our BistroCafé we use firstly ecological and locally produced food to be able to offer our guests some of the local food handicraft and high quality ingredients.
  • We also want to assist our guests with getting a sustainable stay at Pargas/Parainen and our archipelago. We’re happy to give guidance with hiking and biking trails and other activities in the nature. Bikes, rowing boats and kayaks are also available for rent at our camp site.

Our employees co-operate with each other in our business to reduce the consumption of energy and water, and to prevent the occurance of unnecessary waste. Through dedicated staff who like their workplace and feel good, we achieve our goals. Through regular evaluation, we strive for continuous improvement to take the environment into account as far as possible.

Our guests’ well-being comes first and we hope our guests appreciate the opportunity to participate in our environmental work. We want to contribute positively to society by taking social responsibility through cooperation with different actors

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